Puppen Ziva & Storm were trimmed by Aunty Rachelle. Thank you so much. Pups are 5.5 weeks old now. During the trimming, they behaved very well! No squeek, no fear. Though little Rambo's. I am so proud of this litter, they are all sweet and beautiful. PS: left you see Talyn. 


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17-7-2020: Update Ziva & Storm puppies 14 days old. Their eyes and ears are open now and try to walk around. Papa Storm watches over them from the litter box. The puppies recognize him and greet him every time, so cute! We love it and enjoy every minute. Thank you Rachelle, for the beautiful pictures. 😘

Yay!! the pups are born on 03-07-2020
Otis Boanergos Ziva & Stormy Rico vd-Zardakosburcht .
8 pups in total: 3 male and 5 female.
Mama and pups are doing well. All pups are already reserved!
On this picture they are 12 hours old, alive and kicking ❤

Ziva's  last days. Her belly is all puffed up like a balloon +/- 5 day's to go ❤

Ziva's litter bed is ready! Still 5 or 6 days to go. Special thanks to John Dassen, for making this doggy daycare box


Pregnancy confirmed. Father Storm Rico vd-zardakosburcht & Otis Boanergos Ziva